Cleverly designed to showcase shapes, colors and materials that adapt to the surroundings rather than display the same boring and functional shape, these designer Modern Kitchen Hoods from Britannia Living are a fun and creative way of cooking with style. Evolving over the years, modern cooker hoods explore a new vision of today’s kitchen, where design and functionality take the same road to an inviting cooking atmosphere. Silent and embedded in the kitchen’s design, these contemporary hoods are described by Britannia Living as follows: “ Two separate trends can be distinguished in extractor design. The first trend is an increasing demand for extractors that are integrated within the overall architecture of a kitchen and that are (almost) invisible. Ceiling hoods are increasingly popular – especially for open plan kitchens. The elegant round contour of the Phobos ceiling hood with its LED lighting, for instance, hides a powerful cooker hood. Downdraft hoods are hidden away below the work surface when not in use. They provide a good alternative to concealed ceiling hoods. And like ceiling hoods, they can be operated by remote control. 

The second trend in cooker hood design is the increasing demand for unique designs that add something special to the kitchen. The Double Vertigo cooker hood with its pleasing, flowing lines looks more like a piece of art than a cooker hood. With the popularity of open plan kitchens, we also see more designers wanting to use the same design cues in the kitchen and dining areas. Pendant style hoods like the Vintage, Moon or Gemini resemble iconic lighting designs. They can light your hob as well as your dining table plus also remove smells. The unusual curved appearance of the newly launched Shelf cooker hood was inspired by fashionable round kitchen cabinets.” As you can see, there are many designs available, it’s up to you to choose the best one for your kitchen.