Summer is in full bloom and we all search for methods to make these few months energetic, comfortable and enjoyable. We stumbled upon a modern outdoor/indoor shower that promises a multisensorial experience. The Loop Shower comes from Diego Granese of Granese Architecture and Design Studio and imagines a world where relaxation and invigoration go hand in hand. Captured in between the futuristic hollow sphere design, six horizontal streams and an overhead rain shower ensure a luxuriant showering experience. This new Italian product comes with an interesting lighting system that adds an extra dimension to a daily activity. The Loop Shower found on Interior Complex can be used both indoors (in the bathroom or the spa) or outdoors, by the swimming pool or on the deck, even surrounded by green lusciousness in the garden. This sculptural design is perfectly adapted for modern outdoor spaces – complete it with a fantastic view and you have your favorite summer water feature at your disposal.