Three major elements define the architecture of this farmhouse in São Paulo, Brazl: modern design, rustic details and impressive 10 meter-high ceilings. Residence Baronesa was envisioned by Mauricio Karam in an unconventional fashion: by drawing inspiration and developing the design from “inside-out”. Occupying a living surface of 900 square meters and structured on a single level, the house draws its roots from the living room, which was the starting point of the project. The social sector is definitely the most spectacular part of the residence, with its high ceilings, exposed wooden beams and generous lounge area. The rustic style is apparent in the window frames and various original decorative objects, while modern wood paneling, layout and furniture arrangements pay tribute to modern design.  Stone, concrete and wood were the main materials employed. The residence also features a large garden with swimming pool, campfire area and barbecue. If you would share the details you find most appealing about this project, feel free to do so in the comment section below.