Architects who love to see inspiring objects surrounding their workspace will definitely be attracted to a set inspired by one of the most used building material in the world – architectural concrete. These three cool desk accessories – a tape dispenser, a pen holder and a little tray – showcase a minimalist design inspired by modern architecture. Gathered under a collection named Solid Desk Accessories, each of them retain those cute air bubbles that contour a bold and honest shape. Designed and hand-cast at Magnus Pettersen Studio in Stoke Newington, these concrete desk accessories would be perfect for any office or home office, be it small or large. In each case, the collection resting on a table would hint either to the extensive use of concrete in crowded places or as scarce concrete “constructions” adorning an uncluttered landscape. When passion drives your work and every detail counts, these accessories can only help you stay focused on work – this is why archtiects and desigfners would mostly benefit from exhibiting these beautiful accessories on their desk.