This project combines a kitchen and a wine cellar into a warm and inviting space for entertaining friends. Adega Gourmet was designed by Teresa Gouveia as part of the Casa Cor Trio project. In this 61 square meter space, the wine tasting and kitchen provoke the taste and compose a private yet social atmosphere. A dark wool rug defines the tasting area, surrounded by niches to accommodate up to 500 bottles of wine. A throning rustic set of details – wood furniture and decorative wooden cutlery on the wall above the cooking area – were merged with stainless steel (the kitchen countertop and fridge) to shape an up-to-date cellar design. Bottles are kept ventilated and plants reduce the vibrations that affect the taste of the wine in this 4,6 meter high space. A lovely environment was created by this perfect balance of wood, greenery and furniture items. Glass is beautifully integrated in the design, shaping modern furniture in this amazing tasting space found in Sao Paulo, Brazil.