Family homes are not only oasis of comfort ad meeting spaces, but can also hold exceptional spaces like this Multimedia Library. Located in a home in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, this innovative digital room design belongs to the creative minds of Brazilian architects YTA. What was once a spare room became a space where materials intertwine to create a set of juxtaposed layers. Concrete slabs are covered here and there by wooden boards irregularly climbing up the walls while the pipe lighting system adds drama through light. Although the material choice tends towards industrial, the technological features are not to be underrated – “Technology here is in favor of the user, allowing him to control his whole environment (audio, video, lighting, temperature, safety) through a tablet, as well as connecting him to the world through online navigation.” Memorabilia and vintage details are present in this warm space, next to magazines and books proving their irreplaceable nature. Raw materials were used to define a technological environment – do you like the outcome?