Home to a couple with grown children and grandchildren, the Chilmark House proudly displays its single story wooden shell immersed in the inspiring landscape of Martha’s Vineyard. The program is composed of three distinct parts – a central cluster of social spaces, bordered by the master bedroom and guest wings. Occupying 2,700 square meters, the house includes a roof deck capturing panoramas of the forested sloping surroundings. Charles Rose Architects teamed up witht he clients to figure out their needs and wishes and transpose them into a beautiful modern residence: “We were guided in the earliest phase of the project by the couple’s wish for distinct public and private spaces and the site’s topography. The central public space—the living and dining areas—plus a sitting room in the guest wing, are oriented toward a kind of natural sun-filled well on the house’s south side. Interior load-bearing elliptical columns allow sliding doors and windows to make large openings to the south in the exterior walls. Opposite, on the north side, sliding windows create large gaps in the exterior, connecting the living room and kitchen directly to the woods and waters of the sound. Bedrooms are on the wooded edges, on the east and west sides. A roof deck, terrace and side decks create outdoor living spaces.”