The Community Centre in Tyrol was designed by Austrian studio Machné Architekten, who did a great job in constructing this structure that houses three distinct programs. Dezeen showed us that this type of buildings can be seen from many angles in different ways, re- constructing itself in your mind whenever you think about it. The prismatic architecture allows each faceted side to gather views of the surroundings through geometric windows breaking the view. Using timber and fiber cement cladding, architects designed the volumes to focus on the primary design feature. In the back, straight lines seem to dominate, uniting the three volumes with a glazed foyer.

Split between a town hall, a music center and fire department offices, the interior program was aligned along neighboring houses and sight lines. Architects share with us their insight: “The use of the site and the positioning of the town hall on the street and the foyer to the north is creating two new squares. The northern area of the building (foyer) goes over into the existing event space and in the south, a new place, which is flanked by the town hall and the fire department.” Perfectly balances both in design and partitioning, the community center imposes modern design on its surroundings.