Syzygy Lab recently announced the opening of their highly modern office in Frankfurt, Germany. Here is some information from the press release we were sent: The significant free-form, designed by the famous design collective 3deluxe, primarily characterises the agency’s entrance area and communicates both customers and employees its future oriented mission immediately upon entering. It unites mainly informal areas of work and thus offers visitors a first hand impression of life in the agency. The central functional element is the curved lounge area which integrates seating arrangements of various sizes for recreation and informal meetings as well as bigger conferences and presentations and is equipped with mobile work stations. The wall design of the free-form with its fine graphic perforations as well as larger cut-outs, behind which other functional areas of the office scape become visible, creates exciting perspectives and transparency.

Following the creative and playful character of the office design, the interior is conceived as a multimedia field of experimentation for technical innovations and future applications. Employees can transfer new approaches, works in progress and inspiring ideas directly onto a media pin-board and project them onto the free-form, which is thus turned into an interactive playground and inspires employees and visitors of the agency alike. Following the advanced design of the work sphere, offices and conference rooms are defined by their open and generous style as well as their high degree of functionality.

The lush planting of the office, visible through the perforated wall in various places, serves not only as an eye-catcher, but also as a “green lung”, improving the air quality and the quality of stay.