We recently received photos and information about The Bare Hair Project, a design that managed to capture our undivided attention. Sure, it was weird reading about it at first, but it definitely managed to intrigue us and we are curious about your reactions. Designed by Ola Giertz, these two unusual poufs in the photos below were created using recycled PET bottles and human hair: “Bare Hair was developed for Studio Västra Sandgatan, a swedish hair studio in Helsingborg, Sweden. Collecting hair waste, using it to fill poufs, made the custumers part of the process of making furniture. The project is essentially about finding possibilities and functionality in that which would otherwise be considered ugly. The transparent poufs, highlighting the originality of the stuffing, makes the product dynamic: its colour and shape can be changed depending on the stuffing, lending uniqueness to each pouf.” So…captivating or a little to out there?