Displaying a striking typographic design, this coffee table embodies the love for comic books and their wonderful other-worldly feeling – the Shazam Table composes an appealing atmosphere tinted with a little bit of of magic. Imagined by EViL ED and Dan Robotic of Evil Robot Designs – an artistic duo creating spectacular furniture pieces that sit at the border between geek and cool – the Shazam Table was hand crafted in solid American Walnut and finished with a light gloss oil. Resting on stained black oak feet, the table was inspired by comic book sound effects and beautifully integrated within contemporary settings. Hollow on the inside, the walnut coffee table filters light and casts shadow through its 40 cm high carefully cut body – a modern interpretation of our culture seen through the eyes of its creators. The bespoke coffee table measures 100 cm in length and is 40 cm wide – why now take a tape measure and see where it would fit in your home?