Surrounded by rocks and neighbored by the fjords, these charming summer homes in Sweden were envisioned by Mats Fahlander and will probably appeal to those of you in love with nature. Especially developed for a couple and their son, the design of the dwellings was mainly influenced by the contrast between the harsh winter climate and the pleasant summer weather. The wooden structure is covered with materials that do not require any maintenance. Externally, the house is painted in white – the traditional color of the region. Here is more on the structure of the project from the architects: “The geometry of the plans is simple; one front room closest to the ocean for cooking, eating and relation with people and a rear section for bedrooms and entrance hall. Large glass panels can be slided to the side so that all rooms can be opened towards the outer bridge. The closely positioned guest-house at 1.17 has a bedroom and a sauna“. Find these secluded homes as captivating as we do?