Seeing that Stuttgart is filled with spectacular residential projects – like the feminine Quant 1 Apartment or the duplex villa MIKI 1 House, part of  Alexander Brenner Architects’ portfolio – if you move just 14 km away, another inspiring residential project steals the attention – House F. Imagined by Ippolito Fleitz Group, this house caught form under the attentive supervision of the owner’s needs. Located in this town neighboring Stuttgart – Denkendorf –  the house displays a set of design lines playfully reflecting the benefits of modern architecture while mirroring the passing of seasons in each glazed portion on the facade. A lovely light string featured at the entrance hints towards what lies inside, while guiding owners across the simple flight of stairs, through the front door straight to the first floor.

Upon entering the home, owners can bask in the ambiance light at night, while during the day, geometric windows ensure naturally lit interiors. Connected by a staircase, the three floors of this homogenous construction were divided between public and private. As the main attraction, a spacious living/dining/cooking space open towards an outdoor terrace. Smooth gray plaster covers the facade adorned with an interesting choice in arranging the windows, with one of them climbing up the roof. From the front view, the house found on Muuuz appears as a volumetric composition, with the garage volume and the glazed living space volume balancing this beautiful modification of the sloped landscape. On the inside, it looks like an open corridor of light creating a comforting space. These two exterior/interior features are definitely in my dream home brief.