Gordons Bay House was designed by studio Luigi Rosselli Architects and is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The unusual exterior appearance of the building, showcasing cantilevered overhangs and various terraces was inspired by the theory of “six degrees of separation”:“It’s said that 6 degrees separate each human on earth from another. The Gordons Bay House asks how 6 degrees of separation might negotiate a web of complex associations in order to produce an architecture that performs for a wide group of people, while seamlessly integrating the built form with its context. Set on the hillside overlooking the bay, the design consists of three levels, each level alternatively offset from the boundary by six degrees. The alternating orientation of each floor provides a response to different constraints imposed by the site”. The aggressive seaside environment is “confronted” with the help of durable materials, such as concrete, wall cladding and windows treated with ellipsoid aluminum louvres. Sustainable features include photo-voltaic panels, large rainwater tanks, solar hot water and pool heating.