Defined by a relaxed atmosphere, this contemporary apartment designed by Geometrix Design for a family in Moscow, Russia, showcases an interesting mix of colors and materials. A generous open plan living and dining space sets the tone for a home that impresses through neatness and space. A white bar table, a dining table for six and two comfortable sofas of contrasting color reassure us that is a cheerful crib where family and guests love to spend time together. The white kitchen against the background of a slate stonewall serves as a compositional center. Storage space is cleverly hidden and the doors of the wall-mounted closets open upwards, with the help of an automatic push-button control.

One of the most interesting part of this apartment in Moscow, is the children’s room, described by the designers as follows: “The extraordinary wall unit attracts your attention immediately. It is made according to the design of the studio architects and serves as a storage system, a closet, and a playing area at the same time. The major highlight is in the center – a stairway leading to the “roof” of the closet covered with soft pillows: there you can just sit and read a book, or make a defense headquarters. One of the walls is decorated with soft puzzle-shaped panels made according to the designers’ idea. When the boys grow up, the panels can be taken off to make the interior more composed“. See any other details you find practical?