Every so often, a designer steals the spotlight with a fascinating, unique design. Materials and techniques shape a concept that was at first, captured in someone’s imagination. I bet this splendidly versatile table design started with “I wonder if…”. Michael Bambino‘s Tambour Table was inspired by rolling tambour doors on desks that slide open to reveal the contents – only the designer reinterpreted this useful concept in a modern, high-tech solution for hiding USB connections, a power source and storage space right under the tabletop, in a thin compartment accessed by rotating it to either side. Positioning the table in the middle of the room will display its cascading tabletop while… hiding the cable in one of its legs, while placing it against the wall will not interfere with the tabletop’s movement. An idea would be to lean it against a glass wall, to showcase its design ingenuity in more than one space.