As part of Milan Design Week 2012, DuPont Corian collaborated with Russian company Artishock to present the “Corian Springs Russian Design” exhibition, which celebrated Russian creativity in architecture and design. The exhibition featured the work of five teams of emerging architects and designers from Russia, who had been asked to come up with a creative interpretation of furnishings using DuPont Corian.

Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant was one of the designers whose work was featured in the exhibition. His table and bench designs combine ancient traditions and modern technologies to create a truly breath taking result. It was while traveling in the Ukraine in search of inspiration, that Galant realized how rich and beautiful Ukrainian culture is and how important it is to preserve that heritage in the present.

Combining  influences of cultural heritage with modern fabricating technology Galant created a range of furniture that is literally embroidered with Ukrainian patterns. Small holes on the surface of the high-tech material allow colourful threads to be woven into it.

Speaking about his designs, Galant says: “The preservation of Ukrainian national traditions is a tremendously important task, not only as a rich heritage from our ancestors, but also as a primary source of fashion and beauty. Besides, they are the most valuable national rebus that we have the honour to both decode and enrich.

Galant’s furniture collection includes: poufs, a couch, several varieties of coffee-tables, a round dinner table, a bed, night-tables, a folding-screen, a wardrobe, a hanger, a chandelier and a bracket, TV-stand or equipment, as well as two kinds of wall panels, a bath, a wash-basin, four mirrors and benches. What do you think about the way Galant has fused old with new? Is this to your liking? We certainly appreciate it here at Freshome.