Since the cold season is acting up, we thought we would find some decorating ideas that will keep you indoors, enjoying every minute. Bringing letters and words into your home is a great way to add freshness and creativity. This is why, for today, we gathered quite a few colorful and creative interiors, all of them featuring writing decorations. Whether you choose to integrate a single significant letter in your home, or go with a message or a phrase that takes up an entire wall of a room, the result will bring an original touch. Letters of any size and color make for great additions in the children’s room or in a living room with a playful style. Entire words (baby’s names or general adjective characterizing the space) can be placed anywhere in the house, for a cheerful effect. And last, messages. Feel free to write entire phrases on the walls- the wittier they are, the more they enrich the crib’s personality. If you can do this while maintaining an overall indoor visual harmony, then you are in for a cool home makeover.