Solar energy is gaining some well-earned attention lately, especially in the world of design. These sun parasols seen at Milan Design Week 2012 were randomly placed in the city, in order to provide shade and recharge the devices of resting visitors. Entitled Eclipse and Kosmos, the two parasols designs presented by Ombrellone Solare and developed with the help of recycled materials, harness the power from the sun with the help of a thin, lightweight film made of Organic Photovoltaics. The energy is further stored in an adaptable charger, which can be used for various purposes, such as charging laptops or phones.

Here is more information from the developers: “Eclipse, created in collaboration with Umbrosa, is a simple yet beautiful design for a parasol, doing away with the classic huge umbrellas. It consists of a big, sophisticated ring, which holds a shade sail that is tightened inside and is majestically silhouetted against the sky. Kosmos, equally beautiful, was developed with Extremis, and focuses more functionality and careful consideration for each and every aspect of the product. It also integrates an LED light which is powered by the solar panels, thus can be converted into a lighting fixture at night“.  We find the idea of random photovoltaic parasols placed around the city highly original. Too bad implementing it on a long term is not really an option in most locations.