Graux & Baeyens architecten designed Project House GS, an impressive 19th century corner building, located right on the beach and overlooking the port city of Ghent, Belgium. The architects restored the initial structure and also gave it a contemporary appearance. According to the developers, “the project started by stripping the dilapidated house of all excess. The essence was conserved by means of the façade, the stairwell and the roof truss, each of them serving as a rough coat to envelop the new spaces.The rooms and living spaces are conceived as a stack of volumes, a white sculpture inserted in the existing casing. Several strategically located cutouts offer a variety of well-defined views“. The interiors of the residence showcase a visually appealing contrast between old and new. The layout of the house is original as well: bedrooms are located on the ground floor and the living area on the first floor. The kitchen and dining room occupy the top level, which also shelters an adjacent enclosed patio.