These unusual looking concrete business cards were designed by the people of Murmure, as a way to introduce themselves and the creative agency they work for. The idea is controversial- after all, business cards today are meant to stand out, but in the same time, fit in any wallet. In this case, we are dealing with a card that is heavier than most and more difficult to store, so the designers also came up with a tiny box for safe keeping: “Playing with the notion of scales, Murmure created a set of business cards made of concrete. This material, so characteristic of our environment, was enhanced by using the smallest  and  most  refined  communication support. The refinement and the technique required for the typography highlight the harshness and the roughness of the used material.” Would you feel comfortable hanging out concrete business cards? How efficient do you think this design is? Last but not least, check out a selections of business cards, especially created for the world of architecture here.