Villa Storingavika was designed by Bergen-based studio Saunders Architecture and is located in the outskirts of Bergen, Norway. Especially developed for a family with two children, the villa overlooks breathtaking fjords and a stretch of Norway’s west coast archipelago and answers its inhabitants needs for peaceful and comfortable living. According to the architects,“Villa Storingavika is a textbook example of a regional modernism, combining the modern gesture of wide spanning platforms of space with the traditional forms and materials of Bergen’s light-framed timber houses. The building’s proportions are also akin to Bergen’s maritime architecture and its long history of two-storey timber buildings. Translating this established building approach to a restrained, contemporary volume links the house to its context, and ties it indelibly to the site”. The overall impression one gets when looking at this residence (and its striking natural environment) is that of timber vessel, offering unobstructed views of the coastline.