The exquisite black zinc-covered House Little Venice in London shelters a fascinating space arrangement perforated by natural light right down to the underground library and screening room. Imagined by Wells Mackeret, this residence features a wide array of carefully selected details, from the rusted steelwork that offers mechanical control of the windows to the black engineering brickwork defining connections between certain areas of the house. The main living space, flooded by light from a louvered skylight above and a hydraulic pivoting glass wall, guides light down to the low level library through a slab of structural glass in the floor.

This underground chestnut leather comfort space is surrounded by subtly illuminated shelves. Upstairs, on the bedroom floor, double height wall paneling create a dramatically high ceiling. At the owner’s feet lay reclaimed parquet floors lit sometimes by dancing flames in the oversized fireplace. A mezzanine level is occupied by the bathtub and the whole space is lit by natural light and a cast yellow and white glass 1960s chandelier. Extraordinary in its essence, this residential space is proof that personal needs and splendid modern design can join forces to create a dream home.