The story of this stunning home began with the client’s request to use 100-year-old reclaimed Douglas Fir beams as the base for the residence – they were not to be altered in any way, even though each beam was unique and had different sizes. These remains from burned down warehouses helped architects from Omer Arbel Office design and construct the 23.2 House as a unique display of surprising salvaged elements and beautiful modern architecture. The site itself had an amazing set of features that were included in the design – the rural property just outside outside Vancouver, Canada, gently slopes from east to west and includes two distinct outdoor zones that connect the architecture to the landscape and offer a generous indoor/outdoor connectivity. Interiors and exteriors were thus defined by the existence of these elements, growing and shortening according to the length of the fir beams and setting the stage for a triangular design geometry. Inside, glass pendants designed by Omer Arbel fabricate an inviting atmosphere in the dining space and the influence of the main design elements is clearly seen throughout. Take a close look at the photos and tell us what your favorite space is.