Project FJ House was designed by São Paulo-based studio Guilherme Torres and is located in São Paulo, Brazil. The 1,453 square foot modern apartment was especially developed for a single owner, combining a business life with that of a DJ. Here is more from the official project description: “The kitchen, integrated to the living room, occupies the area that was previously designed for corridors and lavatory. All the woodwork was designed by the architect and one of the great aspects of the project’s interior design was the “high-low” effect, that is, great insights with very low costs. For example, the DJ table, is actually an aluminum ladder that gained a new interpretation. The whole furniture line follows an unassuming style, inspired in the 70’s. The Master suite gained a bathtub integrated to the sleeping area, a transgression more than welcome on this contemporary way of living”. The apartment below is a remodel of an 80’s apartment, which was brought down and designed from scratch. What do you think of the final result?