What is it that people want from an apartment? Space, comfort, style, a constant feeling of a welcoming space, a private retreat from the world? Let’s see how many of these features we can spot in this rendering of a 300 square meter apartment designed by Alexander Chervinskyi for Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects. Textures and colors shape an elegant collection of spaces and the floorplan is divided between the “active and quiet” zones – as the architects describe them. A large common room including the brightly lit living room and adjacent sundeck, open dining, inspiring office space and lounge zone shapes the public part of the apartments, while the kitchen, master bedroom, three kids bedrooms, guest suite and bathrooms were considered the private spaces and placed separately. The main living space has access to beautiful vistas through large windows that gently warm up the space. This Ukrainian apartment spotted on Home Designing is also functional, with plenty of storage spaces carefully designed to be integrated in the owners daily lives. Now, does this apartment have what is takes to be a dream home?