The creative team at Philippe Malouin came up with an original approach to rug designing. The studio envisioned a project that would last for generations, that is “virtually indestructible”, due to the metal used to create it and the intricate elaboration process. According to the official description, the Yachiyo metal rug required more than 3000 meters of galvanized wire and 3000 hours of work to achieve it. If you are interested in the production process itself, here is a short, but relevant description: “The metal rug is completely handmade from galvanized steel wire, the same type of wire that is used to make animal pen fencing in farms. The looped wire is taken and, using a metal rod connected to a power drill in a timber frame jig, wound into a tight coil. This coil is then removed from the metal rod and hand cut into small rings. These are riveted together one-by-one in the Japanese ‘12-in-2’ pattern, which consists of 2 central rings with 12 perpendicular rings connected around. This process is painstakingly repeated to create the rug“. Find this approach for a rug design as interesting as we do?