Boca do Lobo is a luxury furniture company that takes furniture to another level or how they like to say “We strive to encourage sensational experience“. Today Boca do Lobo sent us a New Limited Edition Sofa called Versailles Sofa that takes us to the 17th century where grandeur and pageantry reigned in the French Court. As we said in the beginning of this article ..Boca do Lobo pieces look sensational, but for some people these pieces might be to much.

Created from a long process of inspiration and dedication, this art object recreates the “Versailles Spirit.” Abandoning the restrictions and rigidity imposed during the Middle Ages, it opens the way to freedom and the need for bringing extravagant creations to life. Versailles Sofa will be presented tomorrow ( 17/04/2012 ) in Most Salone in Milan and is available in limited edition for 17.300 €.