Our cities have grown exponentially in the past decades and it is time to bring back nature in our daily lives. Based on this idea and the importance of being part of our once natural surroundings, Netherlands-based artist Marije van der Park created an outdoor installation that blends a reinterpretation of an excavator with natural greenery. Named Green Oasis, the project was aimed at visualizing new kinds of interactions with nature in a crowded urban environment. The temporary metal street art installation was created in collaboration with Jo Meesters for CBK Dordrecht, and is located in the Netherlands. Here are a few words from the designer: “Green Oasis re-introduces nature to the city in a functional way. It was inspired by technique as well as nature: the shape of the excavator embodies technique, while the growing climbing plants represent the force of nature. The result is a summer house in the shape of a life-sized excavator, covered with green climbing plants. It is literally a green oasis for those much needed moments of peace and quiet in an urban public environment.”