Some organically-shaped furniture pieces manage to capture the inspiration seen all around us in a modern design – this helps compose interiors with a fascinating arrangement. For example, the Mutation Series by Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer express the need for nature-inspired design in modern homes. Wanting to show a possible future for furniture items, the unusual-looking series explores the future possibility of growing organic furniture, similar to cloning animals.

Another explanation given by the designer includes experimenting with classic upholstery: “ It reminds us of the famous and iconic deep buttoned (Chesterfield) sofa’s, interpreted in a highly contemporary and sculptural way. Instead of upholstering springs and foam with leather or textile, these pieces are created by carefully composing patterns with cut-offs of foam spheres of various sizes, and applying them onto a structure. In the end the entire piece gets coated, with a durable rubber or tactile velvet-like finish. It is hardly impossible to ever recreate such a specific pattern, so every piece is completely unique.”  Chairs, armchairs, poufs and sofas part of the Mutation collection offer an alternative to modern furniture pieces, but does this design encourage you to see a different method of composing furniture items that would be suited for a contemporary lifestyle?