dKO Architecture sent us photos and information of a project they completed in Australia. Here is the press release we were sent: “This project consists of two dwellings on a 270m2 corner lot in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.  A speculative project for an emerging and motivated development company, dKO Architecture set out to explore and push traditional suburban perceptions, motifs and vernacular whilst retaining a value proposition for our client. Formally, there are obvious references to traditional roof form, yet we proposed a different formal solution.  We challenged ourselves to investigate the mansard roof typology in order to mitigate a traditional two storey mass.  It needed to be sensitive.  These gestures challenged traditional building technologies yet also offered economical and lightweight possibilities.

We also questioned the idea of identity with the result being two houses that are the same but different …. they are cousins, not twins.  There are nuances in form, color detailing and interior spatial arrangements. Living is inverted to the top floor, partly due to the pressures of programme on a limited lot size, but also to engage and take advantage of the internal roof form with interesting vaulted ceilings. The site layout responds and respects the historical subdivision pattern; adjacent built form is respected through setback, form and materials. Interior details are simple and considered, not ostentatious. We achieved this outcome on a modest budget of $650000, proving that architecture can also provide good value”.