Hilberink Bosch Architects designed a modern home, situated at the edge of a forest in Heesch, The Netherlands. Here is the information from the project description we were sent: “The house consists of two different volumes: an L-shaped base on which an oblong volume balances. Together they form a sculpture which resembles a fallen tree on a pile of earth.The public functions of the house are situated in the L-shaped base. The outside walls of the L-shape which face the public road look unapproachable and secretive. The wall is made with long, dark, robust bricks emphasizing the horizontal lines. The interior of the house is open and light. The living space is connected with the terrace, the garden and the forest and a flood of light is entering the house. The garden facade of the house is formed by a concrete structure, the imagination of modern living within the rampart.

All the edges of the different volumes are made without any eaves, the material dissolves in the air. This reinforces the abstract appearance of the sculpture. Just as a wanderer, caught in a thunderstorm, will seek shelter under a fallen tree, the inhabitants will find protection in this house.The different aspects of study slowly grow into an actual building. The building becomes part of the poetry, part of the memory, it becomes meaningful.”[Photographs: René de Wit, Paul Kozlowski]