We love to see ideas that change the way we interact with furniture around us. Sara Ferrari‘s modular Baco Sofa adapts to your needs with an interchangeable back  prepared to offer your choice of color and finish while comfortably inviting you to rest. Created for contemporary Italian design company D3CO, the sofa’s fun movable blocks help compose interesting arrangements. Here is how D3CO describe the product: “The backrests are simply laid on the seat without any fixing; this makes the different backs easy to move, as if they were big cushions. BACO is therefore easy to change and transform, thanks to a fine variety of shapes, colours and even finishings. The backrests have been designed in different dimensions and they are available in either plain or capitonné model, a classic in the sofa’s world here modernized with colourful textiles. Usually this latter sort of finish requires a solid wood support, but the craftsmanship of DECO made it possible to recur to a soft one.” What colors would you choose?