Residential spaces come in many shapes and sizes – from large customized houses to small and challenging apartments. This Loft in Bratislava is somewhere in between – it measures 108 square meters of interior space and 151 square meters of terrace area. Designed by Prague-based by Atelier SAD, the loft is perched on the 12th floor of a 1998 multi-functional building in Slovakia’s capital. The designers had the challenging task of reconstructing the apartment in such a way that both the terrace and the interior spaces could be used to their full potential.

The living space was enlarged and connected to the terrace by re-positioning the kitchen area and making changes wherever they were needed – rearranging the non-bearing walls or covering the entire surface with grey wax-treated ash floors. Sliding walls connect the interiors to the covered terrace, which can be used any time of the year. Finished off with a lightweight roof pierced by three circular skylights, this Bratislava Loft gained its shine again thanks to Atelier SAD.