Designed by architect Henrique Steyer, from Albus Design for Brazilian furniture manufacturer Florense, the Charm Collection is a new premium line of kitchens and wardrobes. The collection is said to take inspiration from the past, highlighting the attention to detail and fine woodwork, a blend of modern products based on old traditions. Several product lines were created, each one based on subjects that derive their histories from the pas: “I would like to see the future, designed based on my background.Going back is not for everyone, but it is worth a lot. It is worth it, even for a minute, to feel peaceful again. To predict the future, we study the past, reconstructing the present. We study without nostalgia or melancholy, but with the wisdom about bringing back to the current day all that was beautiful and has not been lost“. How do you appreciate this classic take on kitchens and wardrobes? [Photography by Federico Cedrone]