We recently received photos and sketches of the Reception Desk – a piece of furniture both innovative and functional, that looks more like a sculpture than a desk. Designed as part of the showroom renovation for the Prestige Group furniture brand in Nicosia, North Cyprus, this desk was created to be the focal point of the new reception area and it reflects the brand’s identity (they produce kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture, along with individual products). According to designers Erhan and Mustafa Afsaroglu, this design encompasses the main features of the Prestige Group brand: “Inspired by the Besparmak Mountains in North Cyprus, with their enduring and historic qualities, the reception desk sits in the heart of the lobby, welcoming visitors in. 

The feature wall behind the desk portrays an abstract explosion of boxes which fade away and form the company’s logo; a matrix of squares. Constructed using a natural acrylic stone, the wall panel boasts a seamless external surface where the boxes become apparent only when the lights within are turned on. The reception desk itself is made up of 92 individual pieces of MDF, fixed by tubes to assemble a single structure. In harmony with its surroundings, the reception desk becomes a sculpture; a center of attention, inspiring the visitors whilst reflecting the values of the company.” We featured another one of Erhan Afsaroglu’s designs a while back – a futuristic TV unit, so you might want to remember his name in the future because you will see more interesting creations.