Set in a wooded area in Stockholm, Sweden, this modern summer house sits at the forest edge overlooking the sea. Spreading over 250 square meters, Villa Plus by Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter is composed of a long and narrow first floor, almost fully glazed, and a perpendicular second floor with an impressive framed view from the upstairs reading nook. Reached via a lightwell displaying a black and white staircase, this uplifted, isolated spot can become a retreat into yourself or you can observe the weather changing, even dining upstairs. On the same note, the playful mixture of red, black and white in the ground floor dining space creates the wish of being the one who faces the view rather than the brightly colored wall while dining.

I love how the third possible outdoor dining space in the back offers the freeing feeling of being outside and opens the views to the sea through a glass “break” in the volume. This allowed the architects to create a more private set of spaces. The load-bearing walls are built from hand-picked panels of Swedish pine, integrating the contemporary summer house into its surroundings. Constructed on the borderland between rocks, grass and water, Villa Plus took two years to complete, but the final result is inviting and stunningly open.