Casa Almare was designed by Guadalajara Studio Elas Rizo Arquitectos and is located in Porto Vallarta, Mexico. The attention to detail in this five-bedroom contemporary villa is indisputable, no matter what your stand point is. Even though the residence has a total of four levels, only one is visible from the street, as the rest descend dramatically, yet harmoniously, towards the ocean, on the opposite side. Wooden exterior panels can be used to literally shut and open the residence towards the surrounding environment. The outdoor terrace is continued by a lavish pool, where inhabitants can enjoy relaxing swimming with amazing views. All of the rooms of the residence have large windows overlooking the ocean, which transforms even the most common indoor activities (such as eating, or showering) into nature spectacles. Materials such as stone and tropical wood add warmth and originality to the interiors of this inspiring and tastefully-designed modern home. It is difficult to pinpoint just one detail, but what is your favorite design element of this project?