Built on a steep slope in Cornelio Procopio, a town in the southern part of Brazil, Casa AS takes advantage of the site’s topography to construct two levels featuring a series of spaces encompassed between 7,5 meter high walls, which protect the owner’s privacy needed in a the center of the city. With a total surface of 565 square meters, the modern residence was designed by Studio Guilherme Torres, well known for their residential projects like the GT House or Casa SF. Displaying wooden garage doors and part of the upper floor, the front facade is closed to the passers-by, but the backside captures sunlight straight from above.

The two floors of the house are arranged around a central courtyard with an inviting swimming pool with palm trees mirroring on the water surface. Cumaru wood floors adorn the corridors shaped of white concrete walls. Black and white act as the charming color palette duo, with warm wood tones breaking the monotony here and there. Sliding doors keep a permanent connection to the outside space, managing to create an urban oasis of open, bright spaces. What other solutions for a warmer, greener outside space can you think of in this specific situation?