Space composition as seen from a single vantage point can offer surprising points of view. These Anamorphic Illusions by Swiss artist Felice Varini capture a mind-opening spectacle of geometry applied to three dimensional spaces. Based on a complex study of perspective, all the Anamorphic Illusions were created by the artist as part of a series of spaces. A simple change of perspective reveals the stunning works and gives depth to the space. Galleries, staircases, walkways, rooms, lounges or residential spaces – all can be adorned with colorful geometric shapes that alter the space in an unconventional way. By generating geometric shapes that do not exist in reality, the artist strived to create these stunning artworks that took 30 months to complete. Working with 3D installations since 1979, the artist has a lot of experience that can be clearly seen in all the installations. Look at the photos and enjoy the different vantage points that allow you to see the installations from the angles that compose the shapes and compare them with the final result that gives the whole thing a new perspective.