Greatest architects, famous buildings and legendary quotes-these are just some of the modern architecture fields you will have to discover and overcome in the questions addressed by The Modern Architecture Game. Developed by Next Architects, this captivating means of socializing tests your knowledge, with no less than 1000 modern architecture questions. According to Next, “The Modern Architecture Game is the second edition of the architecture game. The first edition was launched on 30 August 1999. It was the first project collaboration involving the four partners at NEXT architects and was distributed in the private environment of Delft University of Technology. Ten years later, we\’ve produced a revised version of the game, analytically unravelled and improved. This edition is an international version, in the sense that it is produced in English, but also that the questions range right across the breadth of modern world history“.

The purpose of the game is to reach the middle of the board, before anybody else does. This is possible by answering all the questions correctly: “Give a wrong answer, and the infamous round glasses of Le Corbusier are passed on to the next player.” The design of the game was paid special attention, as the game pins are all inspired by famous modern buildings, and the board has a smooth, black construction drawing. Be sure to check out the video below for the game trailer and tell us if you are ready to take the challenge.