During the week of January 30, 2012 – Las Vegas, Nevada was the destination spot for designers, architects, and all design professionals of the home trade industry. World Market Las Vegas – Winter 2012, was an opportunity to see the latest trends in home design and to see what buyers will be choosing for their clients, and stores.  In 2012 it looks like the trend is towards metallics, neutrals, but still bold colors and unique textures and patterns are making a strong statement. Take a look at some of the great trends I found.

  • Neutral tones meet bold materials:  At the market there were countless examples of neutral toned colors and bold materials melding together. Rustic touches of weathered wood, but in grey, and lighter tones to blend beautifully in any decor. Bold materials such as iron, stone, wood, and resin were apparent in many of the showrooms. I thoroughly enjoyed Global Views rustic and comfortable furniture, shown here.
  • Functionality and innovative creativity: It never ceases to amaze me how design can spawn off creative pieces of home decor. The Phillips Collection was another showroom that had fascinating use of organic materials, but they all were fused with unique craftsmanship. These seat belt dining chairs were comfortable, creative and made a bold statement. Designers are definitely showing that unconventional artisan detailing is here to stay. HStudio had a unique leather tuffeted sofa that was no less than spectacular!
  • Sleek and modern originality: While metallic and ultra-glam decorative pieces have been on the design scene for a while, the use of painting resin with metallic paint is a modern twist on the old. Table bases, decorative wall art, mirrors and sculptures have picked up on this modern design trend. Reflective surfaces, furniture clad in mirrors and metallic painted resin decor adds brightness and sophistication to every room in your home.
  • Simplicity in the details:  At the World Market Las Vegas it was refreshing to see a return to simple detailing in accessories. Woven rattan balls called Sibaque balls from A Studio placed in a decorative Yves bowl brings texture to your coffee table without being overpowering with color and ornamentation. A Studio had a beautiful collection of simplistic details that when placed together in a tablescape were stunningly tasteful.
  • Innovative technology: Aside from furniture and decor there were also great uses of innovation and technology. One of my favorites was from Bio-Blaze. This fireplace is no ordinary fireplace. It is portable, doesn’t need electricity, gas, chimney, and doesn’t give off any smoke. They run on bio-ethanol fuel which makes them ideal for apartment and loft living.

‘The design of the Bio Blaze fireplace is specifically created for your interior and exterior decoration. They were imagined to make your interior more cordial.In an apartment, in a house or a loft, these fireplaces are easy to attach to the wall or to place in open spaces, both for interior and exterior use’.

There was so much to see at the market that it was truly a feast for the eyes, senses, and mind. Showrooms of textiles, rugs, furniture, decor, and more seemed to overtake all of us who witnessed the event. I thank World Market Center for inviting Freshome, it was truly a wonderful experience.

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