Vipp is renowned for its iconic dustbins, which it has been producing since 1939. However, the Danish company has now become synonymous with quality products for the kitchen and bathroom. In a recent move to expand its product portfolio, Vipp launched one of its most sensational product-developments in the form of a radical reinterpretation of the kitchen.

“Vipp’s experience lies within product design focusing on solid materials, mechanics and function,” says Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp. “As a consequence we have chosen to design the Vipp kitchen as a product or rather as a piece of furniture. The result is a range of kitchen modules where choices have already been made based on a thorough knowledge of materials combined with an aesthetic opinion on what constitutes good design.”

With over 70 years of steel processing experience, stainless steel was an obvious choice of material in the development of the Vipp kitchen. “Like with the Vipp bin, we bring the industrial look into the home with the new kitchen – a solid product, standing to be used day after day,” says Morten Bo Jensen.

The Vipp kitchen provides a range of modules in different sizes that can be combined and formed according to an individual’s needs. The kitchen is available in black and white and looks just as impressive in both colourways.

What do you think of this kitchen? And what colour do you prefer it in?