Saratoga Creek House was developed by Berkeley-based studio WA Design and is located in Saratoga, California, USA. Built for a technology company executive and his wife, the residence is integrated within a peaceful natural setting, defined by old oaks with dense canopies, and a meandering seasonal creek. The project is made up of a series of small structures, connected by glass-encased pathways and vaulted roofs. The overall design of the residence employed a variety of materials, creating original visual effects. The architects further explain: “We designed a drop soffit of sheet bronze for the sections of the house with vaulted ceilings. The bronze reflects the adjacent exterior gardens during the day and adds a warm glow at night. We designed a unique, freestanding staircase with glass treads that becomes the centerpiece of the home’s circulation. White cement panel siding was selected to brighten the deep shade under the oak canopy. Zinc standing-seam roofing and a custom wood window system fill out the palette of materials on the exterior. Natural stone, concrete, plaster, bronze, and dark hardwoods combine in a rich palette of color and texture in the home’s interior“. Do you enjoy this project’s design diversity?