By using various bespoke furniture items, interior decorator Maria de la Osa managed to create a stunning feminine appeal to this Madrid house, turning it into a space filled with patterns, serene colors and bespoke furniture. A mirror table adorns the middle of the living room, gently reflecting the colors and textures of its surroundings. The spotlight in the living space is on the beautiful transition between the space used for entertaining and the space used for dining – a double-sided furniture item that shelters books on one side and kitchen cabinets on the other. The dining area is a semi-secluded space with white Knappa pendant lamps hanging over the dining table accompanied by a pair of walnut Queen Anne chairs with red velvet seat.

Spread along the white background, soft touches of mauve, pink and turquoise and carefully chosen patterns are invaded by natural light coming from the large windows and glazed door leading out to the terrace and garden. Upstairs, the bedroom, closet and bathroom create an oasis of relaxation and a visually pleasant collection of spaces. White frames on the closet doors, with glossy black details seem to be the opposite of the bathroom’s black-framed¬†lacquered steel and glass white counters. Stylish and charming, this Madrid home can be considered a ready-to-move-in dream home.