This restaurant’s name describes its interesting space arrangement – a double floor space hollow in the middle. The Hollow Restaurant was designed by Sergei Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko – a powerful duo that managed to transform an empty space into a fascinating dining space. Found on Cubeme, the restaurant features two floors that combine excellent service and a calming, interesting interior design. The natural colors used in creating this dining space were carefully considered to add character to the space and the textures give guests a relaxing feel, but keeps them interested in the beautiful details. The first floor of the Hollow Restaurant is occupied by the dining area, where flowers hover over the tables, while the second floor shelters a more secluded space – a lounge space that displays the same beautiful flower motif. Lamps from Vasiliy Butenko light up the space and create a special atmosphere that accompanies great meals. Wood was considered the best material that can express the designer’s intentions – a warm, inviting space that brings the focus back on the connection between creative design and natural inspiration.