What does this dream home have special? Well, apart from its exceptional location and splendid modern architecture, Casa Diaz displays an interesting array of wonderful features. Casa Diaz occupies a sloping lot in an upper class neighborhood in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. With an astonishing location on a corner lot with trees protecting the privacy and guiding the views towards the lake, Casa Diaz was built as a series of three elongated rectangular volumes stacked in a zigzag pattern that help better capture panoramic views from the terraces and framed views from behind the glazed walls.

Mexico City?based office Productora worked on the challenging residential project by developing ideas through intuitive explorations – as the architects beautifully explain their style. The street facade hides the fantastic architecture behind a wall of natural stone. The small portion of the house seen from the front of the building was built according to urban planning requirements – a white plastered facade crowned with elegant wood and subtle roof tiles. But from the lakeside, its true nature shows – a contemporary residence shaped by a dynamic architecture that welcomes natural light inside each space.