Feldman Architecture have completed a modern residential project entitled 2 Bar House and located in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California. Especially developed for a couple with two young children, the house mirrors the lifestyle of the family members and provides both indoor and outdoor spaces for various activities. Here is a description from the architects:”The 2 Bar concept floats a bedroom bar above and perpendicular to a living bar, an arrangement that allows both spaces to open up to more light than the typical box. The lower, living level features accordion and lift/slide doors which allow the house to open to a generous backyard and garden. A private, green roof with deck allows the upper level to also have a connection to garden and landscape. The horizontal slats that clad the upper bar create a simple and elegant rain screen and provide operable panels over the windows that can be easily moved to control light and privacy.” The?2,120 square foot residence features green materials and cost-efficient technologies, making this project not only aesthetically pleasing, but also sustainable.