This large, modern beach cottage named Temple Hills Residence was designed by Schola Architecture as a skin for the old existing 1950s house in Laguna Beach, California. By reinterpreting the architecture of a beach cottage and transforming the design lines into contemporary expressions of a modern lifestyle, the architects constructed a home prepared to offer its inhabitants the comfort and views they desired. The 5,000 square foot property is located on a sloping site, challenging the architects to come up with modern solutions for constructing the additions of this beautiful home. The terrain helped in constructing a house with different levels, each accentuated in a unique way. Easy access to all levels ensures the owner and guests move freely around the house and benefit from beautiful views of the surroundings. According to Schola Architecture, “at the heart of the stainable strategies employed throughout the home is the reuse of the entire existing home. In addition, solar orientation, deep overhangs and operable glass allow the house to breathe throughout the year with little mechanical assistance. The palette is a mix of renewable and exposed building materials, eliminating the need for secondary finishes.”