There is an interesting architectural element that stands behind the XV House‘s name. The interior cantilever stairs are based on a reinforced concrete beam, that shapes a distinctive xv sign with the double pillar. Architects from the Polish firm RS + Robert Skitek created the stunning contemporary residence as a response to the carefully chosen site, surrounding views and modern style required. The reduced usage of colors in the facade led to the creation of a uniform design, accentuated by dark elements – the windows and shutters, subtle roof line and vertical set of windows. Easy to spot near Cracow, Poland, this collection of white volumes gathered in a residential construction were designed to make the 475 square meters of interior spaces compact and easy to live in without losing the freedom of living in a large, open and bright space.

Located on a residential district near Cracow, this modern residence located at the highest point of its street overlooks the Wawel Hill and the mountains, creating a fascinating series of views from the large glazed side. Starting from the basement, where the garage and technical room share space with the guest rooms, the floor plan changes into the largest possible opening of the space, divided into social and private spaces culminating with a multipurpose space with soothing views located on the top floor.